• Choose a news item during the week preceding your presentation.

  • Get some background knowledge:
        - buy an English newspaper or news magazine, and/or
        - access the Internet.

  • Present your news item to the course:
        - what happened,
        - who was involved,
        - what led to the incident.

  • Share the presentation evenly between the two of you, make logical changes.

  • Time: 10 - 15 minutes.

  • Criteria for marking your presentation: Rubric (PDF format)

  • Useful links: News sources

    The Washington Post

    The Christian Science Monitor

    Guardian Unlimited

    International Herald Tribune

    Newsweek Magazine

    Time Magazine

    BBC News

    The New York Times

    At some of these sites, eg "Washington Post" or "New York Times", you have to register first in order to access the articles, i.e. you are asked to give your e-mail address and some personal details. This process does not hurt, does not cost anything and the information you get is worth going through it.